Monday, August 2, 2010

Thrifty Adventures - A Medival Mace Comes Home

Last month I was at a yard sale about 2 miles from my house, they had some items for sale in their garage from which I found 2 lounging camp chairs for $2-3 dollars (we've needed these for a long time). But I spotted on the garage wall, a plaque of sorts that was medieval with 2 swords crossed in the middle. She had to call her husband out to see if he would part with it, and yes he did...for $3!

The only thing is that the middle piece was missing. Oh well, it still looked great with all of our medieval decor.

You see, we love the medieval time period, and besides one tapestry that my husband got me for my birthday one year, I have found all of my MANY medieval decorations at yard sales and thrift shops!

Well, at least 3 weeks after this sale, I was at another yard sale (about 15 miles away) and spotted something that made my mouth drop and my heart soar. 


I picked it up, it had the same red fabric and tabs as the swords! I asked the older man, "Does this go with any other piece?" He then said, "Two years ago I sold the piece that this goes to at a YARD SALE we had that year, I couldn't find the piece then, but figured I would put it out today, it's $1". 

He then commences to tell me about how the piece was made in Mexico and had swords that crossed in the front. I told him that I had bought THAT piece from a guy at a yard sale a few weeks before!

Doesn't God have a sense of humor in orchestrating these little events? 

I am utterly amazed at my find...a medieval mace comes home at last:)

So do you have a "thrifty adventure" that you would like to share? 
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