Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ABC Prayers

child praying

Do you ever have difficulty trying to teach your children how to pray?

We have found a unique way to teach our children their alphabet, praying, and art all in one!

This special event is called ABC Prayers or Alphabet Prayers.

We do this during the day as part of our Homeschool after our lunchtime, but you can alter it to fit your needs. 

Start off by brainstorming for the letter of the day – we started the first day with A (of course) then the next day was B, the next C… you get the picture.

When we brainstorm for that letter, we will use B for an example.  Each child (and Mommy) picks a thing that we are thankful for, and a person (past or present) to pray for or thank God for their Godly influence in history.  

Here is the list for the Letter B that we did:

Benjamin/Buzz Lightyear

After we all pray for our chosen items, we go to the table and draw a picture in our own notebooks of the items we prayed for.  The little ones may need Mommy to draw it, and then they can color it in.

This notebook will be something that the children will be able to look back on throughout the years, and you will have created a memory that could last a lifetime:)

So this is our ABC Prayers Tutorial.  I hope that it will bless your family in its efforts to be more thankful in the days ahead.

Let me know if you decide to use it in your family!

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