Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RECIPE - Homemade Curly Fries

Welcome to the Newsom Recipe Box.  
Here at Newsom Hall we have a Friday night tradition...
if it's Friday, it's FRYday!

We have homemade fries every weekend combined with something on the grill. 
We live in the south, so we even grill in the winter time too:)

Making homemade fries can be a "royal pain" unless you have the right equipment.
My absolute must have is called the Presto Tater Twister - here is the original commercial from You Tube:

When you cut a whole potato, the spirals can be extremely long. I break mine into smaller pieces, and I take the inner spirals out of the larger spiral pieces.

The other great children can do the fries! The key is putting pressure on the Tater Twister so that the fries come out thicker.

My second "must-have" for homemade fries is the Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer. 
I take out the separator so that it is just one large deep fryer.

I have tried the regular FryDaddy, and it took me FOREVER to cook enough fries for 6 people!
I tried cooking on the stove, and grease splattered down the sides of the pot and almost caught the kitchen on fire!!!

I am on my second Presto DualDaddy, and will never be without one:)
Put your potatoes in gently to reduce splatter, and not too many at a time or the oil will bubble over. Stir and break up potatoes occasionally (like when you cook macaroni and cheese). My batches take about 8-10 minutes to cook.

After you cook your fries, have a large bowl lined with paper towels/napkins ready to soak up the excess grease. 

THE KEY to a great french fry is in the seasoning.

I get my potatoes at ALDI - $3.99 for 10lbs. and all my seasonings from the Dollar Tree:

"Newsom Special Seasoning"
FIRST, I sprinkle onion powder, then flip fries.
SECOND, I sprinkle garlic salt, then flip fries.
THIRD, I sprinkle a little garlic pepper, then flip fries.

Can you say "taste-bud-heaven"?
I hope some homemade curly fries with the "Newsom Special Seasoning" is in your near future.

Let me know how you like it!
Consider creating your own tradition with your children on Friday nights...what will yours be?

You can see a plethora of fabulous recipes at
Tasty Tuesday,


  1. Welcome to Tuesday Tastes! Wish I could grill all winter long! These fries look YUMMO!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  2. Thanks!

    We live in NC, so we still do have winter...but it doesn't stop us from firing up the grill:)


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