Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting Homeschool with a BANG!

Every year we start our first day of homeschooling with a BIG party!

There is an opening speech by the headmaster of St. George Academy to welcome the new students;) Then the teacher of this one-room-school-house (me) shares a few subjects that will be covered during the new year, amidst "HUZZAH'S!" and clapping in the medieval way.

We take a break to enjoy a medieval dance that we learned the year before, while dressed in our medieval attire, of course!

Since we use the Classical Method, we study history and Bible chronologically. We use Veritas Press cards for these subjects and add on with other books on the time period we are studying that year.

We briefly talk about each subject for the year and give out the new school books to each child along with other "goodies" as well. 

There is always a special meal and fun activities to boot...

For example, last year we were covering Ancient Egypt. I had found some fabulous books on the subject throughout the past year at yard sales and thrift shops. I gave those to them on the opening day of school and we spent loads of time looking through those books...oh, what fun!

Then the children wrapped their "mummy" in toilet paper!

William (ds7) had to get in the action too.

Think of a way to make your first day of homeschool EXTRA special. Whether it is a special meal, a dance, gifts, or a play...what will you do to make this day a wonderful memory for your children?

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