Monday, September 20, 2010

Wholesome Childhood - Our Home Kindergarten

"OUR HOME KINDERGARTEN curriculum, is on sale through tonight! 
This classic full year curriculum by V. M. Hillyer (author of "A Child's History of the World") has been revised and expanded for today's homeschooler, and is ON SALE at a SUPER LOW price until midnight tonight!"

Sometimes the folks at Wholesome Childhood will have some FABULOUS deals that you just don't want to pass up on - THIS is one of them.

If you use Veritas Press, and our familiar with "A Child's History of the World", you should look into this program. I purchased it today for this RIDICULOUS price, and look forward to using it with my children.

"Specifically, this manual gives you 140+ daily lessons and "hands on" activities to do with your child, giving you a day-by-day sequence and structure to your kindergarten time.
These daily "hands on" activities and projects don't have a thing to do with computers or video, or any high tech gizmos. (You can decide how to use all that stuff yourself.) Instead, these are designed to help your child work through a proven, progessive series of constructive projects that will teach them concrete and abstract concepts (form, color, motion, size, direction, number, etc.) and help develop their learning & motor skills. In short, your child will be taught to do things, and to "learn by doing"."

AHHHHH...I almost forgot, there are some extra specials if you order before midnight - no, not a set of Ginsu knives:) 

32 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied
Rainy Day Activities for Kids
The Critter Construction Kit.

And you know what? They don't even pay me for doing this, LOL! 

(I am also posting this at my Coupon Makeover site) 

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