Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Movie Review - The World of Richard Scarry Videos


 My favorite Richard Scarry video is "Richard Scarry's Best Sing-A-Long Mother Goose Video!"

From Amazon: "A great way to introduce or underscore the value of Mother Goose, this video uses a simple story about Huckle Cat's search for his missing friend Lowly Worm as a platform for enjoying the famous rhymes. While his mother sings lullabies, Huck wishes on a star that he could find Lowly soon, a wish that carries over into his subsequent dream of traveling through Mother Gooseland. There he meets familiar characters--Old King Cole, Little Miss Muffett, Little Bo Peep--who sing their own rhymes. It's Old King Cole who sends Huck directly to Mother Goose for help. This is a good video for assorted ages. Toddlers are easily enchanted by the cadence and rhymes of Mother Goose material, while the 2-to-5-year-old set can enjoy the story, too. The rest of us can appreciate the wonderfully busy animation and the touching tale of a boy's search for his friend." --Tom Keogh

If you can find a copy at a thrift or consignment store, good luck! A USED DVD is $40!!! I wanted to upgrade our VHS, but I think I will wait a bit:)

I found The Best ABC Video and The Best Counting Video DVD's for $1 each at a yard sale this summer.

This clip is from The Best Learning Songs Video by Richard Scarry. I LOVE this song and we had a VHS tape which I re-wound countless times to write the words down and memorize to sing to the children.

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  1. Richard Scarry items bring back so many memories! One of my brothers loved Richard Scarry books and my patient mother read them over and over and over...

    Thanks for the review!


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