Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RECIPE - Icing Poke Cake

I cannot stand eating regular cake in the form of a simple sheet cake or cupcake.

I almost always fix my cake mixes by making cookies or double-layered cakes. If I make cupcakes, there HAS to be something in the middle to add some pizazz for my taste buds:) 

In other words, the icing to cake ratio needs to be in balance!

I just got some cake mix REALLY cheap at Harris Teeter this week because of SUPER DOUBLES (see my other website for more details), and I was in the mood to bake with the children this morning.

So if you look in the Newsom Recipe Box today, you will find a recipe for Icing Poke Cake...


1 cake mix baked in a 13x9 as directed on box (don't forget to save those box tops for your local school or home school organization!)

1 can of frosting melted in a bowl for 1-2 minutes.

1 large serving fork used to "poke" holes in the cake when ready.

Bake the cake. Heat the icing. Poke the holes. 

Pour the icing on the cake and ENJOY an exquisitely warm dessert that will delight those taste buds! 

Cover and refrigerate (if there is any left) and be surprised at how nice it taste when cold:)

We used Butter Yellow Cake mix and Milk Chocolate icing...but imagine the possibilities with Orange Supreme and Cream Cheese icing, or Butter Pecan with Coconut Pecan icing. YUMMO!

You can see a plethora of fabulous recipes at
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  1. YUM! Great and easy way to kick it up a notch with the baking a cake! Thanks for the recipe tip and linking to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.


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