Monday, July 26, 2010

Thrifty Adventures - Chairs, a table, and a new love

So, I have a new love. I didn't really know that I loved him so much until this weekend. 
His name? 
You see, he has a "list". 

It is amazing what people price for items they put on this Craig's List...some are overpriced, many are great deals, and a few times you will be AMAZED at the treasures that await you when you visit his amazing list.

This week a friend gave us a 150 year old family table that they had no room for. It needs to be painted or refinished on the top, but we LOVE items with a history. 

 If you think about it, their ancestors were eating at this table during the Civil War! (I still have to find out if they were fighting for the North or South...)

We have a large table in our rectangular dining room, but if we want to have anyone over to eat, it becomes a little crowded with our family of 6 + guests. So I now have one L-O-N-G table, putting them both together (a little mismatched, but I am thinking of a way to remedy that without using a table cloth), but not enough chairs. 

I quickly checked on Craig's List and found someone selling 6 chairs AND a table for $30...gulp...did I just hit the jackpot?

I called, confirmed, and picked them up on Saturday. They are worn for wear, but I am planning on painting them. I will post before and after pics when I get them finished. They are sturdy high back chairs with some scroll work on the back - absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

 The table? Didn't need the table, but a family member does, so it works out well.

Finding deals is so exhilarating, isn't it?

 So do you have a "thrifty adventure" that you would like to share? If you do not have a blog to show us your pictures, link to your Facebook - just make sure that the pics are for "everyone" to view;)

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  1. Wow, you certainly did get a good deal on all of those chairs! I never seem to have luck with craig but I'm not giving up!

  2. That first table is great. And free is pretty darn good.

  3. Anita - don't give up on Craig! Just check every other day, because the great deals get gone QUICKLY!

    Pam - I love that old table, great legs:)


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