Saturday, July 10, 2010

Angela - The Mommy

Mommy Newsom, or so I am called in the evening at bedtime. “I love you Mommy Newsom” they each say in turn as I tuck them in.  My name is Angela and I have 4 little blessings that I call my own.

I teach Coupon Makeover Classes. What’s that? I show people how to cut their grocery bill 75% and even get groceries for FREE. It is an amazing opportunity to share this “coupon knowledge” that has changed the lives (and pantries!) of so many people. May God be praised for the work that is being done. Check it out on

I love to do crafty things like “one-stroke” painting and trying to sew. I am addicted to yard sale-ing and have a long list of waiting projects.

Most importantly, I homeschool our children - so in the minds of some people I may be a "saint" or "super mom"...but no, it's just me. I am trying to do what I feel the Lord has called us to do as a family. 

I encourage you to keep an open mind if all these views that I recommend in my writings seem daunting. No one is perfect and we are all trying to do the best we can on this parenting adventure!

More about me to come later…now on to my family!

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