Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RECIPE - The ABSOLUTE Best Topping for Hot Dogs!

Welcome to the Newsom Recipe Box!
I am not going to share with you a sincere recipe today, but a family hot dog secret...shhhh.

The absolute BEST topping for hot dogs is French's Fried Dried Onions. No joke!

Instead of cutting up an onion and having half of it left over in the fridge forever. Use these dried ones as a replacement. Now if you can get your hands on the cheddar ones - you will be in taste bud heaven:)

ALDI has a brand that comes in cheddar and regular in a bag for under $2. I just found these recently and was in love! They last a long time (if you do not allow snacking on them like chips to occur), and you only use a little bit at a time.

So enjoy our Newsom Family hot dog topping secret, and let me know how you like it, ok?

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Tasty Tuesday,

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