Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Music Reviews - Celtic Lullaby CD

I have had this Celtic Lullaby CD by Eden's Bridge since my dd9 was born. We listened to it every night at bedtime when she got home, and we still listen to it today. It has been to the hospital with me for every birth and I would put it on repeat play in the cd player in my hospital room for some ambiance:)

This is a great gift for any expecting mother, mother of little ones, big ones, or anyone who has trouble sleeping!

 You can sample listen to all of the songs and even buy them in MP3 format...some of my favorites:
Coventry Carol   ,but I love every one of the songs.

While trying to find this on Amazon to post for you, I saw some other Celtic cd's that would be great for listening to at bedtime.

I love listening to Classical music during the day, but most of the Classical CDs I own will have some up-tempo arrangements on them and that doesn't cause sleepiness for sure! We try and get a good rotation of music in at night, but Celtic Lullabies has definitely been our favorite.

Our family has a ritual of listening to music at bedtime, and finding good cd's for calming the little ones and soothing the soul is a must!

What do you listen to at bedtime?

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